I fell in love with throwing over 10 years ago.  This is the kickwheel I make almost all my pieces on.  I can move it around depending on the seasons.

But I don't like pots to go out into the world naked, so I had to get better at researching my own glazes.

A glaze chemistry course with Matt Katz gave me the knowledge I was lacking.  A new 80l Nabertherm kiln provided the power I needed. 

3 years on, I am still fascinated with crystalline glazes.  




Online Exhibition

My work is included in this exhibition, alongside ceramisists from Anglian Potters who I really admire, like Peter Deans, new people who I have seen over the last year or two come on so fast, like Karen Callinan and Sharon Ellis.  And for the first time I am in a show with another Crystaline Ceramisist, lockdown has tempted long standing member Maurice Young to show with Anglain Potters again.

What am I looking into now?

I took advantage of an online course with other Crystalline glaze researchers,  got a number of new ideas to research and answers to some old questions.

I have started throwing with porcelain clay for the first time.  Having no deadlines gave me the freedom to just keep practicing.  I am starting to get a handle on this notoriously difficult clay now.  Using it with existing glazes gives different results, so there is a whole body of testing to be done.


I am also looking at slip casting as a base for crystalline glazes.  I am working on making my own slips.    I believe I can get different effects from the same glazes using different clay slips in a slip cast mould.


And glaze chemistry of course - will I ever be happy with a pink crystalline glaze?  Been working on that on and off for 2 years now, still not happy with it.  But I have some good test tiles.  Just need to get it to work on a piece.

Oh, and as this lockdown shows no sign of ending, I made you an online shop.  If you see something you kinda like, drop me a line and I can give you more photos, answers, whatever would make it more like a proper conversation, like it should be.



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These works show my latest glazes