I fell in love with throwing over 10 years ago.  This is the kickwheel I make almost all my pieces on.  I can move it around depending on the seasons.

But I don't like pots to go out into the world naked, so I had to get better at researching my own glazes.

A glaze chemistry course with Matt Katz gave me the knowledge I was lacking.  A new 80l Nabertherm kiln provided the power I needed. 

3 years on, I am still fascinated with crystalline glazes.  


WHERE TO SEE To dive into the depth and detail of these crystals, they really must be seen in person.

I still beleive, the best thing is to veiw Crystaline Glazes in person, but flattening the curve is more important.  I will get back to showing when the lockdown is eased

Stay stafe


What Am I looking at during lockdown?

I have a little clay left, so will be following up on the inspiration of Claire on the Pottery Throwdown, figuring out how to throw in sections and to a pre measured plan.  Just the sort of thing I will need to do repeatedly and reclaim the clay untill I get it right.

I am also looking at slip casting as a base for crystaline glazes.  I am working on making my own slips.  I know porcelan is the go to clay, but I never have gone there.  I beleive I can get different effects from the same glazes using different clay slips in a slip cast mould.

And glaze chemistry of course - will I ever be happy with a pink crystaline glaze?  Been working on that on and off for 2 years now, still not happy with it.  But I have a plan.....



These works show my latest glazes


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